What to do when you get a negative review

What to do when you get a negative review

More and more, reviews are an ever increasing source consumers are using to inform their decision making and the majority of reviews are positive. Negative reviews however, are a part of getting reviews. Negative reviews don’t have to be a net-negative unless you allow it. Here are some steps to take when you do receive a negative review.

Take a breath and relax

There is a reason that the first screen after you hit the respond button on Yelp you see this message:

YELP message for response to negative reviewsIt’s a warning not to go off half-cocked. You should listen to this warning. When you receive a negative review, often the reviewer is only giving their side of the story. You likely have some culpability, take the time to objectively review the circumstances.

Become a student

Get past your hurt feelings for a minute and see if there isn’t a lesson to be learned. Could you have done something better or a different way to influence a different outcome? Get an objective person involved, perhaps they can see something you are too close to see.

Imitate Joe Friday

If you are going to respond you need to deliver, “just the fact ma’am.” Stay away from conjecture and the emotions of it all. Here is a good framework.

  1. Admit whatever you own in the problem and express your desire to make it right.
  2. Express the facts at hand
  3. Invite the person in to rectify the situation by every responsible means possible.

If you are level-headed and stick to the facts, you will have turned a negative into a net positive. If you lose your mind in a public forum you will further exacerbate a negative.

Get more positive reviews

How do you battle pollution? Simple; with dilution. You can offset negative reviews by getting plenty of excellent ones from your clients. Take the time to ask them for reviews. Use our system or another, but have s system in place so you can fill the pipeline easily and regularly.

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