How to Set up your Yelp Profile

Looking to gain more exposure to your business? A profile on Yelp is a great way to go about this. Having a business profile on this site can drive more customers to your business, and track their experiences and user views. Through the addition of photos, business hours, maps and reviews, you can customize your page that allows you to include all the information you want plus respond to customer inquiries. The process is fairly simple.

Step 1: Claim your business page. (screen shot: Follow the instructions there to claim your business.

Step 2: Locate your business. (screen shot: Input your business name and zip code and it should pop up. You will see a Locked or Unlocked button to the right. If it’s unlocked, this means another business has claimed the name already. If locked, it’s available and open for you to unlock. If the business name does not pop up automatically, you can add your business to the site by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Add your business. (scree shot: As said above, if you have to add your business to Yelp, this is the page to which that link will take you. Simply fill out the basic information in the fields provided. Don’t forget to click “Add” at the bottom. It could take a few days for your business listing to show up on the site but this is normal.

Step 4: Optimize your information. Once you’ve claimed your listing, you can start adding more information that’s specific to your business, such as photos, hours, directions and much more. Be sure to update any information as it happens, such as when you change your phone number or move. This will help optimize your profile and keep it current, which is a must with this type of business directory.

Start here  ( to unlock your free account now.